Grilling Using a Charcoal Grill

Grilling is one of the best ways to chill during summer. If it is grilling using charcoal, you will have a delicious barbecue, for sure. If you do not have experience in grilling, don’t worry. This article will help you to an easy grilling experience.

Many of you may want to know about grilling in a charcoal grill. It gives a very good flavor to your barbecues. If you know the trick, it is fun and easy to grill with a charcoal grill. I would suggest gas grill users also to learn using a charcoal grill because a charcoal grill gives you wide opportunities. A tabletop charcoal grill will be the best option for tailgating. You can find a lot of charcoal grilling recipes over the internet. So if you know the method of charcoal grilling, you can try different recipes.

Your charcoal grilling time can be affected by a number of variables like the size of the grill, type of briquettes, weather, amount of food, etc. But don’t get scared, it is not that difficult as you think. So let us go through some tips for easy charcoal grilling.

1. There are some factors that influence the number of briquettes. If you want to cook 1 pound of meat, it is good to plan on 30 briquettes. Make sure that there are enough briquettes to cover the grill pan in a single layer. The layer has to extend about 2-3″ past the area of food on the grill.

2. You will need more briquettes to reach the perfect cooking temperature if the weather is cold or windy.

3. You can use a lighter fluid, but it is better to avoid gasoline.

4. Make sure to remove the lid and completely open the lid vent. You should also remove the wire rack and open the intake vent near the bottom of the grill. This is to ensure the airflow and the strength of the fire as vents control these. The fire will be hotter if more air flows through the grill. The bottom vent has to be open all the way before lighting.

5. Put spray the grates with nonstick cooking spray before you add meat. The grill grate has to be taken off the coals to spray it. It is not necessary to use a cooking spray even if it is nice. You can also saturate a paper towel with your choice of cooking oil. Wipe the oil-soak paper towel across the hot grill rack using a pair of long-handled tongs. This will help to lubricate it and prevent food from sticking. The oil has to sit on the grill for about 10 minutes before adding food.

6. The grill is ready to use when the majority of the coals are covered with a white ash. During the day, the briquettes will look ash gray. At night, it will glow red.

7. Hold your hand palm down over the grill at cooking height and test the temperature of your grill. The heat is calculated by counting how many seconds you can hold it there. If it is two seconds, it is high. If it is five seconds, it is low.

8. Scoop up ashes and embers with a small grill shovel after the embers have cooled completely. Place this in a non-combustible container for disposal.

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