BBQ Tips and Tricks That will Help You a Lot

BBQ Tips and Tricks That will Help You a Lot

BBQ Tips

Barbecue is the greatest specialty of summer. Or, it can be put the other way too that summer is never complete without barbeque. Barbecue is not just about preparing something for it. It requires some love for cooking and that curiosity to see the happiness of your loved ones while having your dish. I do not mean that you need a lot experience and skill for a good barbecue. But there are some tricks and tips that will help you to excel in barbecue. Let us look at them one by one. If you are looking for Charcoal Grill Or Propane Grill

  1. Wood for Fruit Trees give Extra Flavor

By adding fruit tree wood chips to your charcoal, you can change the usual taste of barbecue. These woods have a mild flavor and high sap. They also have fewer impurities in them. You need not go in search of expensive fruit tree woods. You can use wood of any fruit tree available near you like peach, orange, apple, cherry etc.

  1. Wood Chips has to be Soaked in Water before Cooking

This is another tip that will help you to prepare an unique barbecue. If you are using wood chips for barbecue, soak it in water overnight or at least one hour before draining them. Now you have to wrap these wood chips in an aluminium foil burrito and put them in your grill. The trick behind this tip is that the water content in the wood chips produces more smoke, which will add more flavor to the barbecue.

  1. Be Patient

A perfect barbecue will be prepared only slowly. So you have to be very patient. Avoid constant checking of temperature. You can check the temperature every half an hour, but not more than that. This is because, when you check temperature constantly, it cools things off. Actually, you need not open the cooker for the initial few hours unless you feel things are going too fast. If you keep on looking at it all the time, your barbecue is to be spoiled. After the initial few hours, you can mop the meat with your sauce and check the temperature every hour or so.

  1. Allow the Meat to sit before Eating

Don’t hurry to eat the meat just after taking it out of the grill. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. Doing this will keep the meat from drying out because the juices will be sealed. Cut the meat only when you are ready to immediately serve and eat it. Alos, do not poke holes in your meat while it is cooking. This tip will also save the juices. Use barbecue tongs or spatulas to turn the meat instead of forks.

  1. Lighter Fluid-flavored Meat has to be Avoided

You have to make sure that the fire is completely out before you introduce meat into the mix if you are using lighter fire to get your charcoal fire started. If you notice that the fire is not out, then you have to realize that there is still some lighter fluid that is not burned away. This taste will come into your food, which you would not want. The right time to start cooking is when the charcoal is mostly an ash-gray color with a little bit of glowing red underneath. This has to to be about half an hour.

  1. Line Aluminium Foil Sheets in the Inside Bottom of your Cooker

Even though most of you may like cooking and eating, not many will be interested in cleaning up afterward. You can quicken the cleaning up process if you line the inside bottom of your cooker with a couple of sheets of aluminum foil before you put your briquettes in. You can easily and quickly clean up the gray coal and ash after barbecuing if you adopt this tip.

  1. The Equipment has to be always kept Clean

All those barbecue beginners who are about to buy a smoker, build the biggest fire you can and let it rage for 45 minutes to an hour before you use it for the first time. This will seal up the pores of the metal. By doing this, remains and by-products of the manufacturing process like oil, grease, etc., will be incinerated. You can also do this if you have not used your cooker for a long time or you don’t clean it regularly.

  1. Wooden Skewers has to be Soaked in Water

This tip is for all those who have kebabs in their summer menu. You have to soak them in cold water for at least 30 minutes before use. This will avoid burning. If you are using metal skewers, make sure to wipe them with a piece of paper towel dipped in vegetable oil to stop food from sticking to them. If you are about to do a lot of cooking, it is better to soak a bunch of skewers for an hour, drain them, freeze them, and pull them out a few at a time as needed.

  1. Provide Proper Air Circulation

Make sure that the meat is not touching anything else other than the surface it is sitting on. The meat does not touch other meat or the sides of the cooker. Take a look at how big a full 12-pound brisket measures and then think about how many you can get on the cooker you’re looking at before you go to buy one. If there is no space around it for airflow, the meat will be smushed up against the edges.

  1. Avoid Grocery Store Logs

There are many people who prefer smoking meat over firewood rather than charcoal because they find it convenient to buy firewood from the local grocery shops. But the fact is that you will not get good results from the firewood. The problem with this wood is that the pieces will burn so fast and with so little smoke that you won’t get anywhere when you cook with them. A lot of it is kiln dried. By just picking it up and feeling its heaviness, you can find whether the wood piece has been kiln dried. If the piece is very light, it will burn like gasoline. So experts suggest you to look for the cue of the logs.

  1. Grill Brush should be Aluminium Foil

Don’t worry if you do not own all the tools of barbecue. Just crumple a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil until it’s the size of a navel orange and pick it up between locking chef tongs. You can use this in place of a grill brush. The tongs will be the handle. You can brush away holding onto the balls.

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